Crack Filling Atlanta

Don’t Panic at Every Little Crack

A crack in your basement walls or floors can lead to a leaky, wet basement, and in turn, mold and mildew can start building up. Cracks are the number one leading cause of basement water problems. Cracks are caused by water in the soil that builds up over time, and that pressure, known as hydrostatic pressure, has to release somewhere, therefore causing cracks in your foundation. While cracks in are normal, they should definitely not be ignored. Over time these cracks can widen causing further structural harm to your home.

Crack Filling Atlanta, Crack Injection Atlanta Unfortunately, there are a couple types of cracks that can occur. There are slab and foundation cracks, which not only are an eyesore, but can hurt the value of your house. So what should you do if you are in need of crack filling Atlanta? There are a few different ways to fix these cracks, and that’s where Atlas Piers comes in, they are some of the best when it comes to crack filling Atlanta. Atlas Piers can provide a few different methods to help with crack filling Atlanta.

There’s epoxy crack injection, which is also known as concrete welding, and polyurethane crack repair. Epoxy crack injection creates a bond that is stronger than the concrete itself. It is also able to fill in the smallest of wall cracks, which assures the complete repair. Epoxy crack injections are great for structural foundation repairs.

Polyurethane crack repair has a unique ability that the epoxy crack injection does not have, the polyurethane crack repair is flexible and remains that way. That way, if your home experiences slight foundation movement, the polyurethane stretches keep water from invading your home. Polyurethane is extremely popular when it comes to crack filling. Possibly the most popular feature of the polyurethane crack repair products is their ability to actively stop leaking cracks. The polyurethane seeks out water to react with, when it reacts with water, the polyurethane quickly foams to seal voids and crackswhile still remaining flexible.