How to Repair Bowing and Leaning Walls

Bowing Wall Repair Atlanta

Bowed or leaning walls occur if the foundation of the structure shifts in unstable soil, or if the soil surrounding the wall swells (often because it absorbs water) and puts pressure on the wall. This is a serious problem that could endanger the structure as a whole if it is not properly fixed. A bowed or leaning wall may even lead to the collapse of the building, so it is very important to contact a foundation repair service immediately if this situation arises. By the time that the wall begins to bow or lean, the problem has already existed for quite a long time. Fortunately Atlas Piers are the experts at bowing wall repair Atlanta and leaning wall repair Atlanta. Bowing Wall Repair Atlanta, Leaning Wall Repair Atlanta

A bowing wall is normally very easy to identify; a bowed wall usually starts with a horizontal crack in the middle to upper portion of the wall, which sometimes spans the entire length of the wall. If the wall moves further, it is probably unstable and should be repaired immediately. The professionals at Atlas Piers offer many solutions, such as helical piers, resistance piers, or wall anchors. The Atlas Resistance® Pier is a manufactured, two-step product that is guaranteed to produce structural support and strength. Atlas helical tiebacks, which allow capacities of up to 200,000 pounds per anchor, are yet another option that we allow here at Atlas Piers. Call us today for all your bowing wall repair Atlanta needs.

Leaning Wall Repair Atlanta

A leaning wall is sometimes more difficult to spot. They are caused by lots of water pressure on the basement walls which cause the house to lean to one side. In order to have a safe structure, the leaning walls must be restored to an upright position. Atlas Piers has a resistance pier product that is a great solution for leaning wall repair Atlanta. These anchors are driven into the ground in your yard to anchor your basement wall. They are a great fix because they are cost effective, can be installed in all weather, cause minimal commotion to your home and yard, are easily installed, and are easily concealed.

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