Who knew? Carbon Fiber for Foundation Repair!

Carbon Fiber Atlanta

Atlas Piers is your number one choice for foundation repair needs. For every potentially dangerous situation, such as bowing, cracked, or leaning walls, Atlas Piers has a carbon fiber foundation repair solution for you. Carbon fiber repairs are the typically the best solution for most of your foundational problems. Fortunately, Atlas Piers has plenty of experience in carbon fiber GA.

Carbon Fiber Atlanta, Carbon Fiber GA

The cause of most bowing or cracked walls is usually excess pressure from the soil around the walls. When the soil puts too much pressure on your basement walls, the walls may not be able to withstand the pressure and may bow, crack, or lean as a result. Sometimes the cause of this pressure is too much water in the soil around the foundation walls; this is called hydrostatic pressure. This prospect can be alarming, as bowed or cracked walls could collapse, posing very real danger to you and your family.

Atlas Piers are the Leaders in Carbon Fiber Atlanta Foundation Repair.

Carbon fiber can solve your foundation problems by acting as a support system for the basement walls. It is reliable and strong – carbon fiber can support thousand of pounds. This will prevent the walls from bowing by offsetting the pressure on the foundation walls. A carbon fiber repair will remove any tension and will lock the walls into place. carbon fiber is also very stiff, has a high tensile strength, resists chemicals very well, can withstand extreme temperatures, and is low weight. Another great thing about carbon fiber repairs is that it is a “green” solution. All of these great qualities of carbon fiber make it the suitable choice for your foundation repair needs. Atlas Piers can solve your problems quickly and easily with carbon fiber Atlanta. Contact us today and we can help make your home safer by providing a better foundation!