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Because of bad drainage, movement of the soil, or poor construction, you may find that your foundation has shifted, and settled over time. a settling foundation will cause problems such as doors and windows that do not open or close, or cracks in the drywall. If the basement walls/floors have not been properly waterproofed, this could also lead to a settling foundation. This problem will cause you more than a few headaches. Fortunately, the folks at Atlas Piers are able to efficiently fix your settling foundations.

When you have a settling foundation, your home may seem to lean to one side. There may also be cracks in your basement slabs or on sheet rock walls in your home. You may also experience sloped or uneven floors and water pooling around the foundation of your home. All of these things are symptoms of a house that has  foundation problems such as a settling foundation. If you live in an especially wet area or an area that receives lots of rainfall, your home may be more prone to a settling foundation. The excess water can cause the soil around your home to double in weight. This results in hydrostatic pressure that pushes against your foundation, causing it to sink from lack of proper support.

Solutions for a Settling Foundation Atlanta

Residential Steel Push Piers The most common fix to a settling foundation is to use steel push piers to reinstate the support that the structure has lost due to it’s supporting soil shifting drastically. Push piers are much like stilts for a house. Atlas Piers uses only “The Very Best” products since we are partnered with Earth Contact Products. ECP steel push piers are the most effective, cost efficient solutions to your foundation repair Atlanta needs. Push piers work by stabilizing the structure and lifting it back to the originally designed elevation, just like the foundation did when it was built.

In addition to offering steel push piers as a solution, Atlas Piers also offers a crack injection to fill in any cracks in your basement that the settling foundation may have caused. For the best solutions for settling foundation Atlanta and services in steel push piers, crack injections, and more, contact the pros at Atlas Piers today! We are the experts in foundation repair Atlanta.