Key Benefits of Using Micropiles to Overcome Foundation Construction Challenges

Even a relatively new foundation may be suffering from construction challenges. Whether this is caused by settling, an overabundance of water in the area or a lack of adequate compaction of the building pad, when your foundation heaves or settles it can cause a multitude of problems in the building above. As bad as that sounds, it is even worse when only a portion of the foundation shifts over time — as this can cause significant cracks and breakage in your home or industrial building which are difficult and costly to resolve.

It’s good practice to regularly review any building for signs of early damage so they can be resolved before they become too extensive. Micropiles are one of the best and most cost-effective methods on the market for resolving foundation construction challenges. Here are some of the key benefits of using micropiles to restore the firm foundation that your building needs, especially when conventional piling techniques are not suitable for your space.

What Are Micropiles?

Micropiles are deep-drilled foundation elements that can be placed at depths of up to 65 meters and have a marginal working load of 200 tons or greater. Grout, steel casing and rebar are the main components of these foundation elements. Micropiles work by transferring a portion of the structural load throughout the surrounding soil, where a more competent foundation can be found deep under the ground.

A PVC grout reservoir is utilized to dramatically extend the depth of the micropiles, and this deep foundation solution is a stellar choice for both retrofit situations and new construction.

Key Uses and Benefits of Micropiles

These small-diameter drilled piles are an exceptional choice when your building has certain challenging conditions, such as environments that are sensitive to vibration and noise or limited space for maneuvering. They have been widely used in both the U.S. and abroad for decades as a way to reinforce foundations in the most difficult of situations. Some applications for micropiles include:

  • A specific area is receiving more traffic or a greater load than originally intended by the developer
  • Changing seismic conditions require an additional structural support to load-bearing strata
  • Enhancing the stability of slopes
  • Helping to cease structural settlement or increase the capacity of foundations that are already in place

There are a variety of applications where micropiles are considered an excellent solution such as in a commuter rail station where overhead space is limited or to reinforce an aging bridge or elevated expressway foundation.

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