Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Do Foundation Repairs

Owning a home is a big part of the American dream, but homeownership also means long term payments and continual home maintenance. Maintaining a home can take a lot of effort, but a well-maintained home not only looks great but can increase in value over time. In contrast, neglecting home maintenance has just the opposite effect. A poorly maintained home can end up looking downright scary, both externally as well as below the surface.  And, nothing is scarier than potential foundation issues that may be lurking below your home’s surface.


Postponing Home Maintenance

Often, due to anything from lack of funds to lack of time, people tend to postpone serious house maintenance. This is fine when it comes to maintenance such as landscaping or window cleaning. However foundation repairs cannot and should not be delayed. The wrong un-repaired small crack can grow into a monstrous repair. Over time, foundation problems on a home or any other building can have disastrous long term repercussions.


Problems Selling a Home

Let’s say you want to sell your home. Before you put up the for sale sign, you might make a few general home repairs such as painting and minor patching of holes. However, damages to a home’s foundation can impede a home’s sale. Un-repaired cracks in foundation walls can scare potential home buyers away, and depending on the type of repairs needed, the costs can be quite high.


Potential Drop in Value

Un-repaired foundations can also mean a drop in a home’s value. This in turn can lead to a lower sale price. Buyers who want your home may not offer up as much money for it as the asking price. By performing foundation repairs, you can increase the chances of a quick home and potentially increase your sale price.

When Cracks Get Bigger

Foundation cracks might start out as small hairline fractures. While they may seem like nothing, they can grow to be quite serious. Cracks can grow from earthquakes, bad weather, unsupportive soil, and just wear and tear. If left alone long enough, a small foundation crack can grow quite large and destabilize the home. While a home may not crumble from a large crack, it can become more expensive to fix.


Financial Repercussions

Many people do not have the finances to make improvements to their homes including foundation repairs. So, they think about taking out home improvement loans, but unfortunately, existing foundation problems can block you from obtaining a loan. Banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to offer loans when foundation repairs are needed on a home, which is another reason why it’s important to get timely repairs.

The next time you see a crack in a wall or in the floor, don’t just ignore it and hope it goes away.  Contact a professional to assess the damage to determine whether a repair is necessary.  A little repair now can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. Your home will thank you and your wallet will thank you. To set up a free assessment or a repair for your residential foundation, contact us today. At Atlas Piers, we have been supporting Atlanta’s foundations for years.