Why is Foundation Repair in Summerville South Carolina so Important?

Home and business owners in Summerville often experience foundation failure because of the climate. Summerville has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Summer highs reach into the nineties, while winter lows drop into the thirties. The city receives about 50 inches of rain every year, much more than the national average of only 36.5 inches. This combination of a change in temperature and heavy rainfall make Summerville the city it is. However, the climate can bring up some potential issues for business owners. Without the proper precautions, these issues can be detrimental to a storefront. All of these problems can be solved, though, and that’s where we come in. Atlas Piers is your commercial foundation repair in Summerville South Carolina service provider. We are here to help with any and all of your foundation problems!

summerville wall crack repair

Common problems may include:

Commercial Foundation Repair in Summerville SC

When temperatures change, the ground does too. Hot weather makes soils expand, and cold weather does just the opposite. If this happens a lot or very quickly (during the change of seasons,) the soils can become weaker. A structure relies on the ground beneath it for support, so if that ground loses its original strength, it can be an issue. The ground may begin to settle, and the building on top of it will do just the same. This is referred to as foundation settlement. You’ll notice that your doors and windows are sticking and difficult to open and close. Your floors and walls will begin to crack, and if you have a chimney, it may start to lean to one side. If these are true of your business, give us a call right away!

With our professional commercial foundation repair services and products, your business will be repaired in no time.

When an area receives a lot of rain, the ground around your business can become overly saturated. This saturation will place hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. If this pressure becomes too much for your business’ foundation to hold up, it might crack. If you think this may be happening in your business, we can help!

Solutions utilized by Atlas Piers of Atlanta may include:

No matter what your foundation repair need, we are simply the best company in the area! With our professional staff, dependable products, and quality work ethic, we can’t be beat! Trust us with your foundation repair in Summerville South Carolina. Call us today!

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