Commercial Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem North Carolina

Winston-Salem is known as the “City of the Arts and Innovation” because it is deeply devoted to the arts, having the first arts council as well founded in 1949. The city has a long history in the tobacco industry. There are numerous art museums, theaters, and gardens throughout the city. There are sports to take in as well, including NASCAR, tennis, minor league baseball and more. What a great city, and the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta are proud to serve them for all their commercial foundation repair Winston-Salem North Carolina needs.

Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions for Winston-Salem NC

Being part of an area known for a sub-tropical climate, thunderstorms and rain are common around the Winston-Salem area. The people in town are used to lots of rain. They might not be thinking of how that is affecting their commercial building’s foundation. We can say that this is definitely something you need to keep in mind. It is a good idea to do inspections of the inside and outside of your commercial building looking for the signs of foundation failure. Looks for bowing and leaning walls, sloping floors, cracked slabs, water stains, sticking doors and windows, and foundation and wall cracks.

If you notice any of these signs contact us right away. We can assist with many options. Depending on your situation, we offer underpinning solutions including helical piers, slab piers, steel push piers, and wall anchors.

Underpinning is the process by which a foundation pier is driven into the ground beneath a sinking or settling foundation to support the structure and raise and stabilize the foundation. Here at Atlas Piers, we offer many underpinning products from reliable supplier Earth Contact Products (ECP). Although the name “Atlas Piers” suggests that we are focused on underpinning and foundation piering products, we also offer a variety of other foundation repair solutions to benefit you and your business. These solutions include carbon fiber repairs, helical tiebacks, and encapsulation. Both helical tiebacks (an underpinning anchor installed horizontally) and carbon fiber strips can be used to repair bowing, leaning, or cracked foundation walls. If the walls are leaning or bowing, a helical tieback can be installed to provide opposite pressure and straighten the wall. Carbon fiber strips are used to give the walls support and stabilization, locking them in place and closing cracks. Encapsulation is a method used to keep water out of basements and crawlspaces. In this method, a vapor barrier is installed along the walls of the basement or crawlspace. This seals out moisture, keeping the area dry and mold-free.

As you can tell, Atlas Piers has numerous solutions, and surely we can find the right one for your problem and budget. So call today and find out more about our solutions. We are ready to help you with all your commercial foundation repair needs in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

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