Commercial Foundation Repair in Dothan Alabama

Atlas Piers of Atlanta proudly offers foundation repair and crawlspace encapsulation services in Dothan, Alabama. Tornadoes are a constant danger in Dothan, Alabama during the spring, summer and fall. The city’s tornado activity is 79% above the U.S. average, causing a lot of rainfall and wind. In such conditions is it common to have regular foundation failure problems. Whether it be cracking walls and floors in the basement, or a settling foundation, Atlas Piers has got your back. Atlas Piers is there to be your commercial foundation repair Dothan Alabama team.

Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions in Dothan AL

When you see foundation failure signs, you might feel the need to worry, which is completely understandable! However you really don’t need to worry too much. Just a call away is a professional team with years of experience in all methods of commercial foundation repair. As a business owner, you can watch for the signs of foundation failure, and then call us if anything shows up. Watch for these signs of foundation failure and settlement:

When and if you notice these signs in your Dothan, Alabama business, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at Atlas Piers. There is no reason to wait on foundation repairs, especially since your business is your biggest investment. We plan on helping you in any way we can to keep your business’ foundation in great shape. This will keep the value of your company up and you and your customers safe.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Dothan, Alabama

Interior drainage issues can be solved with wall encapsulation services from Atlas Piers. Encapsulation is a process that involves covering the interior crawlspace walls with a vapor barrier to seal out moisture and improve air quality. This reduces the chances that water will leak through cracks or seep through the concrete to create a damp crawlspace. Some crawlspaces may require underpinning services to fix structural issues. Installing foundation piers under your crawlspace can help keep it adequately supported to improve the stability of the entire home. If you have a damp or structurally damaged crawlspace, Atlas Piers can provide all of the necessary solutions for you.

So no matter what solution is needed, we can provide it. Whether it be helical piers to lift your leaning chimney, or carbon fiber for bowing and leaning walls, we have you covered. Let us inspect your repair needs and give you an estimate of the foundation repair costs. Call Atlas Piers of Atlanta, your commercial foundation repair in Dothan Alabama team.

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