Commercial Foundation Repair in Greensboro North Carolina

In Greensboro, thunderstorms are common during the spring and summer months. Sometimes there are even the occasional tornadoes. In fact, it has been noted that on April 2, 1936 a large tornado went through Greensboro. It left a path of destruction through the southern part of Greensboro, and ever since then strong tornadoes have struck the Greensboro area. These conditions are dangerous to the upkeep of your commercial building’s foundation. Luckily, Atlas Piers is just a call away, and can help with any commercial foundation repair Greensboro North Carolina problem you may have.

 Commercial Foundation Repair in Greensboro North Carolina

When you see signs of foundation failure, you might feel a bit of stress. Understandable! However you really don’t need to worry. Atlas Piers is just a call away. Atlas Piers is a professional team with years of experience in any and all forms of commercial foundation repair. As a business owner you can watch for the signs foundation failure, and then call us right away. Watch for these signs of foundation failure and settlement:

Doors and windows that stick
■Cracks in walls, floors, slabs, drywall, or garage columns
Leaning and bowing walls
Leaning chimneys
■Cabinets that won’t open right
■Water stains on walls and floors
■Exterior foundation cracks

If you happen to notice any of these signs in your Greensboro commercial business, don’t worry, just pick up the phone and call Atlas Piers. There is no reason to wait on foundation repairs. In fact, it’s best to catch these problems early on. Your business is a huge investment, and so we will help as best we can to keep your commercial building’s foundation in its best condition. This will keep the value of your commercial building from decreasing and will keep your employees safe.

Atlas Piers is an experienced company that can do foundation repair in Greensboro, NC. Our qualified team uses the best products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). Our experience shows that helical piers and steel push piers strengthen, stabilize and lift a foundation back to its original elevation. This support keeps the foundation stronger and keeps other problems from happening. Once the piers are installed into more appropriate soil, the weight of the foundation and the load above are transferred to the multiple piers. This added support gives you confidence that your foundation is now where it needs to be. Your commercial foundation repair in Greensboro, NC, can be done by the experienced team at Atlas Piers and you will be happy to know that your commercial building is back in a safe position.

Although Atlas Piers provides excellent resistance pier installation and quality underpinning solutions, we also specialize in various other foundation repair solutions to help you keep your home safe and happy. These services include shoring, helical tieback installation, carbon fiber repairs, and wall encapsulation. If voids have developed beneath your foundation, Atlas Piers is happy to help you fill them. By injecting grout beneath the foundation, we can fill the void and provide stability for the structure. If the foundation walls of your building are leaning, bowing, or cracked, we have a solution for that as well. We offer helical tieback installation to straighten bowing walls. These helical tiebacks work by anchoring into the adjacent ground and applying opposite horizontal pressure to the affected walls. Carbon fiber strips are another common repair for foundation walls; they provide support and stability for the walls, locking them in place and sealing cracks. Yet another foundation repair solution from Atlas Piers is wall encapsulation. In this process, a vapor barrier is installed along the walls of a basement or crawlspace to seal out moisture.

So no matter what solution you need to keep your foundation safe, we can provide it. No matter what foundation failure you might have, we will have you covered. Call Atlas Piers of Atlanta, your foundation repair Greensboro North Carolina team.

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