Problem: Cracked, Bowing, or Leaning Walls

Common problems that indicate a need for wall repair such as helical anchor installation include:

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All of these problems are a sign of serious foundation issues. When your home’s foundation sinks and settles, your entire home pays the price. Walls can bow and lean, doors can stick, and there can be cracks in your floors and walls. It is important to treat these problems and the underlying issue, because simply repairing the wall and ignoring the need for foundation repair will not help you in the long run.

Solution: Carbon fiber Strips

Carbon fiber strips can be installed to repair a number of wall problems. They can help correct wall cracks and straighten and support leaning or bowing walls. Carbon fiber strips are an eco-friendly alternative to underpinning, which disrupts your home and landscaping far more than carbon fiber strip installation. Carbon fiber strips are applied to your wall with a high strength epoxy. The strips immediately begin helping support your wall. They are barely visible once installed and can be easily painted over so your basement looks the same as always.

Solution: Helical Tiebacks

helical tiebacks for wall repair in atlanta

Helical tiebacks are another practical solution for wall repair. Helical tiebacks are usually installed in cases of leaning or bowing walls. These are installed by placing an anchor on the inside of your wall and drilling a long rod through the wall into the soil outside. The rod and plate are designed to keep your wall from bowing or leaning when heavy soil pushes against it. They also help by pulling the wall back up to its original position, repairing bowing or leaning walls slowly over time and supporting them completely in the process. Helical tiebacks are strong and durable, meant to last your home a lifetime.

Oftentimes, wall problems are indicative of a need for helical pier installation. You will never know what is wrong with your foundation until you have professionals examine it. Contact Atlas Piers today for a free estimate.