Commercial Foundation Repair in Nashville Tennessee

Nashville is a beautiful city, but in every beautiful city, there are homes in need of foundation repair. Foundations naturally sink over time, but poor compaction during construction can make the problem even worse.

wall cracks in nashville

A sinking foundation can lead to numerous problems such as:

These problems may seem small and disconnected, but they usually point to much bigger problem with your home’s foundation. Instead of letting these problems sit and get worse, Nashville homeowners should contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta.

Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions in Nashville TN

With the nearby river, Nashville has seen it’s share of flooding for sure. We also see weather of all kinds, rain included. Temperatures are known to change quickly, and this all leads to expansion and shrinkage of the soil around your foundation. This can cause foundation settlement. When your business’ foundation settles you will notice things like wall and floor cracks, foundation cracks, dry wall cracks, sloping floors, doors and windows that stick, garage column cracks, and even cracks in your slab.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta serves the Nashville area with quality foundation repair. All of our products are ECP brand, ensuring the durability and quality of your repairs. We offer a variety of foundation repair services, including:

  • underpinning. Atlas Piers of Atlanta is the leading provider of underpinning services in Nashville Tennessee. We offer helical pier or resistance pier installation depending on the repair job. Piers can be installed in any weather condition and are made of durable steel. Helical and resistance piers are installed beneath preexisting walls and are used to transfer the load of your home to more stable soil further down in the ground.
  • carbon fiber repairs. Carbon fiber repairs are an eco-friendly, efficient way of correcting problems such as cracked, bowing, or leaning walls. They are applied to your walls with no disturbance to your home or landscaping. Carbon fiber strips offer the advantage of low-visibility and can be easily painted over.
  • helical tiebacks. Helical tiebacks are used to support bowing and leaning walls. They are inserted diagonally through the wall into the soil outside, providing much needed support against heavy, expanding soil that may be pushing in on your walls.

So don’t put off till tomorrow what you can fix today, especially when it comes to your business’ foundation. Call Atlas Piers of Atlanta, your commercial foundation repair Nashville Tennessee service provider.

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