What are Foundation Piles, and How can They Help Your Atlanta Home?

Foundation Piles Atlanta

As a homeowner in Atlanta, you want to do everything you can to protect the safety and integrity of your home. Much of your home’s safety depends on it having a solid foundation. Due to certain conditions, however, the foundation of your home may begin to develop problems, such as settlement, or cracking. This usually occurs when there is a shift in the soil that supports the home, and can be caused by a number of different factors. For example, if the area where you live receives a lot of rain, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil may build to the point that the foundation cannot withstand it and begins to crack or shift. Voids that form by erosion, or the shrinking of soil due to drought conditions under the foundation are another factor that might cause a settling or sinking foundation. This is where foundation piles Atlanta come in handy.

Foundation Piles AtlantaFoundation piles, or piers, are foundation repair products that are designed to lift and stabilize your home in the case of a sinking or settling foundation. The piles are anchored into the stable, load bearing soil or bedrock deep beneath the surface of the ground. Once they are properly secured in the ground, they are used to support and raise the foundation where it is sinking or shifting.

There are a few different types of foundation piles Atlanta, but the two most common are steel push piers and helical piers. The main difference between these two types of foundation piles is that steel push piers are driven straight into the ground, while helical piers have helical flights that allow them to screw into the ground, providing some extra stabilization. Both these types of piers are great solutions for homes or commercial buildings that are experiencing foundation failure. There are also helical slab pier slab piers, which are like helical piers, but are used in conjunction with a bracket to support the heavy slab of concrete. This makes them ideal for supporting porches, garages, and other buildings with a slab foundation.

Benefits of Foundation Piles Atlanta

Not only will investing in foundation piles raise and stabilize your home, but they will also solve a number of other issues that arise from a foundation settlement:

These are common signs of foundation failure, and can be fixed with the installation of foundation piles Atlanta. Foundation piles can also be used in new construction to prevent a foundation from sinking in the first place. However you choose to use foundation piles, Atlas Piers has the necessary experience and quality products from ECP to help you out – contact us today!