When is Carbon Fiber an Appropriate Solution in Atlanta, Georgia?

One common problem in the Atlanta, GA is bowing, leaning and cracking basement walls. The cause of bowing and leaning walls is often excess moisture in the soil. When this excess moisture is absorbed by the ground around your foundation, it increases the hydrostatic pressure in the soil.

This increased pressure pushes against the walls, causing them to bow or lean inward, or even develop wall cracks. When this happens, the Atlas Piers foundation repair team can use carbon fiber strips to repair and restore the bowing and cracking walls.

Sometimes Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair is the Best Choice

Carbon Fiber Repairs for Bowing and Leaning Walls in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers Carbon fiber strips are used in many instances where steel beams would have been used in the past. First, the wall is ground smooth and covered with a high strength epoxy. The strips are then applied and ingrained into the epoxy with the help of pressure and a steel angle which is bolted to the top. This repair method seems quite simple, but is still very precise and is best left to the professionals such as those at Atlas Piers.

There are several benefits to using carbon fiber strips over other repair methods. Some of the most prevalent benefits include:


  • Low Visibility: Once they are installed, the carbon fiber strips can be easily covered with basement studs or painted over, since they show only a fraction of an inch. 
  • High Durability: The carbon fiber strips are incredibly strong and will not break or stretch; carbon fiber makes for a great permanent repair.
  • Quick Installation: Depending on how severe the damage is, how big the walls are, and the extent of the bowing or leaning, carbon fiber repairs can be completed in as little time as one day.
  • Little to No Maintenance: Once the carbon fiber has been applied to the wall, it requires no further attention or future maintenance.
  • Affordability: Since the carbon fiber repair process is so quick and relatively simple, it tends to be much more affordable than other bowing and leaning wall repair methods.
  • Environmentally Friendliness: Carbon fiber is a very “green” option, especially compared to some other methods of foundation repair. If you are concerned with being eco-friendly, choose carbon fiber strips.

Other Bowing, Leaning Wall Solutions for Georgia

Helical Tiebacks for Bowing Wall Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers Sometimes, your bowing and leaning foundation walls may require other repair options than just carbon fiber strips. Another repair option that we offer is helical tiebacks. These helical anchors resemble large screws, and are installed laterally from the inside of the affected wall. The anchors are driven into the soil next to the wall to provide opposite horizontal pressure. This pressure counteracts the pressure from the soil that is causing the wall to lean inward, pulling the wall back to the proper position.

Wall plate anchors can also be used to correct bowing or leaning basement walls. The first step in wall plate anchor installation is to sink an anchor into the yard adjacent to the bowing wall. Next, a plate is installed on the interior of the wall and a rod is used to connect the plate and the exterior anchor. The plate and rod are then tightened at regular intervals to gradually straighten the wall.

If you notice the walls in your basement are leaning, bowing, or cracking, contact us today. The foundation repair team at Atlas Piers can help decide the right solution for you, whether it is carbon fiber, or another type of repair.