Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair in Durham North Carolina

Most business owners don’t think much about their foundation. We want to raise awareness for Durham business owners so they can be aware of what the signs are of foundation failure in their commercial building. You need to keep your eye out for the following problems that indicate settlement or foundation failure:

If you notice any of the symptoms above, you want to call us right away. We can prevent foundation failure from occurring and save you a ton of money in the process. We offer helical piers, slab piers, wall anchors and more. These are underpinning solutions that will lift and support your foundation. We have many solutions for all your commercial foundation repair needs in Durham!

Foundation Repair Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Durham NC

Some of these solutions use different types of piering products from ECP (Earth Contact Products) to lift and stabilize your sinking or settling foundation. The rest are focused on various foundation issues throughout other areas of the structure. The underpinning products that we use include: helical piers, slab piers, micropiles, steel push piers, and new construction piers. These piers all work in much the same way; they are driven into the ground beneath the foundation, and the structure’s weight is transferred onto them so that it can be lifted and stabilized. When it comes to issues with the basement, we provide you with many effective solutions. If your foundation walls are leaning or bowing, choose our helical tieback installation. Helical tiebacks give the walls horizontal pressure opposite to the bowing or leaning, straightening and stabilizing the walls. Carbon fiber strips can also be used to repair leaning or cracked walls; they provide support and strength to lock the walls in place. If you have water issues in your basement, you may need to consider wall encapsulation, which is the installation of a vapor barrier to seal out moisture.

So for all your commercial foundation repair needs in Durham North Carolina, call us today. We are ready to serve you. We will inspect your home or business and give you an estimate of what your foundation repair will cost. We have the experience and know how to fix your foundation the first time, and in the process give you piece of mind that your business and the investment you have in your commercial building are safe.

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