Commercial Foundation Repair in Hialeah Florida

Atlas Piers of Atlanta is proud to offer foundation repair services to the town of Hialeah, Florida. The city has a tropical monsoon climate. In agreement with such a name, Hialeah receives a lot of rain. In fact, Hialeah gets almost 66 inches of rain every year, approximately 20 inches more than the national average. Because Hialeah’s climate has a wet season, most of that rain falls within a few months. This precipitation can cause some issues when it comes to Hialeah’s businesses. That’s where we come in. Atlas Piers is your commercial foundation repair Hialeah Florida service provider.

Commercial Foundation Repair in Hialeah Florida Solutions

When heavy rainfall comes in a short time frame, the ground can become overly saturated because the water doesn’t have much time to soak in. This can place what is called hydrostatic pressure on a business’ foundation. When a foundation is built, it is made to withstand a certain amount of weight and pressure. If the hydrostatic pressure passes that amount, the foundation may begin to crack letting in water, insects, and critters. sinking garage in hialeah Don’t let this happen in your business. If you notice such cracks forming or simply want to avoid this occurring in your business, give us a call! Using our professional commercial foundation repair products, we can give your foundation the support it needs to withstand such pressure.

Sinkholes are another concern given Florida’s limestone landscape. By knowing the signs of a sinkhole, you can avoid letting one damage your business and threaten your employees’ safety. Watch for misaligned doors and windows that become difficult to open and close. Cracks in your floors and walls are another sign. Keep your eyes peeled for sloping floors or leaning walls. If these are happening in your business, contact us as soon as you can. We’ll inspect the situation and take it from there.

When it comes to commercial foundation repair in Hialeah Florida, we are your go to company no matter what your needs. Call us today! We’re your commercial foundation repair Hialeah Florida professionals!


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